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November, 5th, 2008

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Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft for State Representative District 21

Consumer Protection Advocate

"You can't be free to make changes If you take money from the industries that need to be changed." See to see the difference for yourself.
     Howard wins against Mimi at Mazano High School polling location. For a complete review and his latest analysis see the link. Howard Wins at MHS & Analysis
      Howard was not accurately reported by the Albuquerque Journal's (former reporter) Sean Olsen on the front page of the Metro section 10/25. He was told they could help set the record straight regarding Mimi Stewart's (his opposition) false claims that a civil contempt was criminal. Well, he believed Mr. Olsen. Imagine that?, Ms. Stewart can get away with being arrested, charged, jailed and convicted for a criminal offense and then shifts attention away from herself. Well, I guess lot's of special interest money can do that for you.
     The article left out the main reason for an ugly divorce custody case. Over 20 years ago Howard's children were abducted by their mother and hid from him for two weeks, that was illegal. So, he sued the judge and the cover up ensued. He fought the judge all the way to the U.S. Supreme court on interlocutory appeal. He was rewarded by continuously being ruled in contempt (civil issue) . Wonder why?
      Well, the short story is the Journal didn't correctly report that $30,000 in attorney's fees was illegally ruled as child support to be paid immediately and that made him out to be a deadbeat dad. Some help huh? That and the entire case was eventually dismissed with prejudice. Meaning, the other side admitted they were wrong. Howard prepared a response (Letter to the Editor) please see the link "ABQ Journal Letter to Editor", on the lefthand side for his version.

*Also, click the link on the left side entitled Full Page Response. Thank you to all the contributors.
**Who is behind the DLCC attack ads on Howard, go see scroll to the bottom and you will see the New Mexico Director is Mimi. Why is she hiding behind the DLCC?
Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft
P.O. Box 11985
Albuquerque NM 87192
(505) 489-5403

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